Thanks to our faithful donors, Concordia is able to empower young men and women with an affordable multicultural, Christ-centered education year in and year out. Our students are our mission. Because of the support of our donors and the hard work of our faculty, we are proud to provide exceptional opportunities for students from all backgrounds on a daily basis.

Below, you will find three real stories of real students (and one alumnus). We hope that you find these stories refreshing and inspiring. We also hope that these stories ignite your desire to join the work of Concordia University, St. Paul in empowering students with a multicultural, Christ centered education by making a gift today.

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Loc's Story
Born in Vietnam, Loc Luong was five years old when his mother sacrificed everything in the hope of providing a better future for her two young children. In God’s providence the little family arrived in New Hope, Minnesota. But hope dimmed for a time, especially during the homeless days. Read more
Blair's Story

A Wisconsin native, Blair was in the running for best defensive back in the state. But an injury put an end to his senior season, his award hopes, and many of his dreams for college. Colleges that had been recruiting him began to lose interest.

But not Concordia.

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Miata's Story
"Before I got sick, I knew about God but didn’t really practice my faith. I mostly went to church to make Mom happy. Now I totally rely on Him. I put all my trust in Him. I can’t miss church!"

It was November 2013. Miata was a resident sophomore when she was struck with a rare form of pneumonia.Read more
Pakhoua's Story
If you were to walk the halls of Concordia, you might pass Pakhoua Vang without thinking twice. She’s a little short and a little quiet. But what Pakhoua lacks in height and volume, she makes up for with determination and big dreams.  Read more
Holly's Story
“Stop worrying, God's got our backs.”

Concordia freshmen Holly Werning is taking advantage of every opportunity she has at Concordia University, St. Paul. But opportunity wasn’t always so obvious for the Chanhassen, MN native. In August 10, 2010 everything changed for Holly and her family....Read more
Asha's Story
"Concordia really did help me understand my calling and the (key) to life.”

When Asha Knight graduated this spring, few of her onlookers understood the obstacles she’d overcome in achieving her dream... Read more
Wakpor's Story
As a high school student, Wakpor had quite a resume. Good grades, an impressive track and field record, innate leadership skills … the Woodbury native was sure to go far. She just didn’t know where!

Wakpor had always planned to attend college, but she hadn’t expected the selection process to be so hard! Her family was in no position to help financially...Read more
Caleb's Story
Minnesota native Caleb Weight was always certain that Concordia, St. Paul was the right place for him, but the decision to attend wasn’t so simple.

“My family had some financial struggles in the past. Although they wanted to, they were not able to offer financial support..."  Read more
Michael's Story
"I don’t think I would be doing what I’m doing today without the support I’ve gotten. That’s why I supported Ramon."

Michael Taye, a a recent alumnus of Concordia, was determined to help a child he met while on a service trip to Nicaragua with his Concordia classmates. Even before he graduated, Michael “paid it forward” to help a child he hopes, and prays, will have a bright future. Read more
Jon's Story
Thanks to the support of Concordia donors, students like Jonathan Huerta ('16) get access to an empowering multi-cultural, Christ-centered education at Concordia. Jon’s story is tremendous, real and is only a glimpse into the lives of our traditional undergraduate students.

Jon was born in Mexico to young and unmarried parents, one of whom had a... 
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Anna's Story
Big things can happen in small places. That’s certainly true for first-generation church-work student Anna Dauffenbach, who is first in her family to attend college and depends on financial assistance. 

Anna first felt the call when she was a high school freshman… Read more
Israel's Story
Alumnus Israel Lopez’s (’10) dream to become a lawyer began in a courtroom at age 13 when his brother was on trial facing felony charges. Capturing that dream seemed out of reach given no one in his family had ever attended college and that he was coming from a very low-income household. 

Lopez’ biological father left his mother while she was pregnant with him. His then single-mother became a drug addict... Read more