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A Rock and a Restraining Order: Reflections on Psalm 27

Annamarie Poema (Pen Name for '68 Alumna)


A mother and two boys escape the claws of domestic violence as A Rock and a Restraining Order winds its way through Psalm 27, NIV. Words of hope are swept up along with shattered windows on the journey through divorce. Come along. Shed a tear or sing a prayer, walk in the land of the living.

Available for purchase at westbowpress.com, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble

Note: Annemarie Poema is a pen name


Josh ('06) and Mina Prigge


Waking up in a cold sweat after dreams of drowning, wishing there was something he could have done to save his son, the old man begins another day following a colder than usual winter. The old man finds a struggling bee with a torn wing on the side of the road, just as winter is transitioning to spring. As he sees the helpless bee dying, he also sees his son in him. The story shows their time together as they overcome harsh winters.

Best Funeral Meditations

Rev. Dr. Charles Lopez Jr. (A.A. '68)


Charles had the two sermons published in the anthology Best Funeral Meditations: "Jesus' Grief and Yours," 50-52; "A Time To Be Born, A Time To Die," 53-55. Best Funeral Meditations. (Lima, Ohio: CSS Publishing Company, Inc, 1998).

Carline's Fork & Cork: Simply Delish!

Carline (Jackson, '86) Bengtsson


Effortless creativity in presenting fresh organic ingredient based meals, paired with flavorful wines that drives captivating conversations around the dinner table is what Carline’s Fork & Cork Simply Delish! provides individuals, who are looking for a unique culinary experience, that brings together a fusion of culturally rich and identifiable ingredients from Jamaica, Scandinavia, Asia and in between. 

Consumer Purchase Behavior of Online Professional Sports Merchandise

Gina Schampers ('15)

Sports Management

The purpose of this study was to find out whether shoppers browsed online then purchased in a store or purchased online. There had been limited empirical research and knowledge about online shopping behavior in relation to professional sports merchandise. Therefore, this study looked at consumer behavior and the use of websites to purchase professional sports merchandise. Most of all when research was analyzed the author found some shortcomings that overlooked buyers who researched products online, and then purchased in stores. To achieve the goal of the study, a survey was administered to 100 undergraduate and graduate students from Concordia University-St. Paul in the United States. It was discovered that 51% of shoppers browsed online, researched the product, read reviews, and then purchased at a brick and mortar store. Recommendations on future studies of professional sports apparel would be beneficial seeing as 94% of consumers purchase professional sports apparel, based on results from the survey that was administered. A second recommendation would be to uncover whether shoppers used a hand held device such as a cellphone or tablet to research, compare prices, or read reviews in a store before the consumer purchased professional sports merchandise.

Drop the Puck, It's Hockey Season Book One

Jayne Jones ('97)


“Drop the Puck, It’s Hockey Season,” an early reader chapter book released Memorial Day 2015 tells the tale of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen. On and off the ice, they have deep love for the game and each other! Cullen is the all-star team captain and his brother Blaine is the team manager. Not just another children's book about hockey, it is a new children's book that is modernizing children's literature. In our book Blaine, who has Down syndrome, is clearly the "unsung hero" of the team. Blaine's leadership and unselfish actions speak louder than any textual words. Young readers are able to learn respect and a better understanding for the challenges individuals with special needs face on a daily basis.

The brothers join Rylee and Rosee, America’s favorite referees, in game day adventures that will have elementary school aged readers laughing out loud, fist bumping the pages and cheering for more stories.

Drop the Puck, Let's Play Hockey Book Three

Jayne Jones ('97)


“The Official Adventures Series” continues! Join Hockeytown USA state peewees as they celebrate their championship and skate to summer hockey adventures! Young readers will root for Blaine and the Minnesota Bears, laugh along with Cullen and Lukey's summer hockey camp fun, and shout USA! USA! as they cheer for Avery and Paisley to win the international cup! Pack your hockey bag and be ready for "Drop the Puck, Let's Play Hockey!".

Drop the Puck, Shoot for the Cup Book Two

Jayne Jones ('97)


“The Official Adventures Series” continues with Blaine and Cullen joining their neighbor and Pee Wee teammate, Luke, as they celebrate the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament with a blizzard of fun along with traditional hockey hair and handshakes. “Drop the Puck, Shoot for the Cup” will be released in October 2015. Referees Rylee and Rosee return with a storyline focus that deepens advocacy for special needs and education with a heart-warming tale of the dangers of checking from behind injuries with a former player being wheel chair bound. The story brings in two girl characters, Avery and Paisley, who make the boy’s team, and help the Pee Wees win a state championship.

The young hockey friends create more fun than you can shake a hockey stick at as they build a snow sculpture resembling “Mount Rushmore”. They declare their version, “Mount State of Hockey” with the likenesses of Minnesota superstar hockey players T.J. Oshie, Zach Parise and Coach Herb Brooks! 

Enduring Ministry: Toward a Lifetime of Christian Leadership

Samuel Rahberg ('00)


For many Christian leaders, the experience of ministry includes enough conflict and disappointment to soon wear off the patina of one’s initial enthusiasm. And yet relief and renewal seems too often out of reach. In Enduring Ministry, Samuel Rahberg draws supports and empowers leaders for continued ministries in the church, helping readers experience a shift from merely enduring to lasting, effective, and vibrant Christian leadership.

Esc: 400 Years Of Computer Humor

Chris Miksanek ('98) 


A collection of columns by humorist and industry pundit Chris Miksanek ('98) who has been writing computer humor since the days of the 5 1/4 floppy. His columns have appeared in numerous magazines like Datamation, Computerworld and The Journal of Irreproducible Results and have been translated into several languages.

Gospel Talks for Kids: Series A

Catherine Schumacher ('06)


Children's object lessons based on the three year pericope, year A for use in worship, Lutheran schools, Sunday school or family devotions.

Gospel Talks For Kids: Series B

Catherine Schumacher ('06)


Object lessons based on the gospel lessons in the 3 year pericope, year B for use in worship, Lutheran schools, Sunday school or family devotions.

Gospel Talks for Kids: Series C

Catherine Schumacher ('06)


Object lessons for gospel readings in the 3 year pericope Year C, for use in worship, Lutheran Schools, Sunday school and family devotions.

Health Information Technology: A Key Ingredient of The Patient Experience

Matthew Werder ('03)


In this exploration to understand the linkages of health information technology (HIT) and patient experience, a comprehensive literature search was conducted using the key words, “information technology, HIT, patient experience, patient satisfaction, and technology”, on the MEDLINE, PubMed, and EMBASE databases resulting in over 1,000 citations. Eventually, 35 of the most relevant articles were reviewed and 11 identified as key references to include in beginning to explore the question, as the transformation of healthcare continues, how can technology enable a positive return on investment to a patients’ perception of their care in an organization and how can technology impact the patient experience? The results reveal there is in fact more questions than answers that exits and therefore further opportunities for exploration and research are encouraged. That noted, the literature and examples emerging in practices across healthcare are showing that technology and the patient experience are moving closer to one another as each day passes. HIT is truly evolving as a key ingredient in the patient experience conversation.

It's Okay Not To Cry

Gina Schampers ('15) 

Self Improvement

It’s Ok Not To Cry, is a book intended to help others going through a difficult time. It is about my life experiences (and some friends and family members) on the topic of loss and grieving. It is not all tears and Kleenex though, there are some humorous parts mixed in. I really hope that sharing my story can help someone in some way. Losing a person(s), pet, relationship, home, ect can be extremely hard. My philosophy is that nobody can tell you how to grieve, but hopefully hearing stories similar to your situation can bring you comfort. About the Author Gina Schampers was a 28 year old adult orphan. She lost her father at the age of 23 and her mother unexpectedly at the age of 28, when she was 6 months pregnant. She has experienced loss in her life and struggled with knowing how to deal with it. Paperback Back Cover Copy Life is never the same, from that moment you hear any bad news. The loss of a person, pet, home, relationship, all can be life altering. Finding out how to deal with life in a new way, in a “new normal” is the reality of the situation. There is no one right way to grieve, everyone goes through it differently and nobody can tell you how to grieve. In the moment you think that nobody can understand what you are going through. Nobody can understand your relationship YOU had with that person. It will never be the same; you don’t have that person to call up when you have a question, or that person to share your funny inside jokes with anymore. It’s Ok Not To Cry hopes to help others who have gone through a loss. It’s not all serious; hopefully it will make you smile too. The book is available in paperback and e-book at the following locations: Balboa Press, AmazonKindleNational Bookstore, Lybrary.com.

Loved & Sent

Rev. Jeff Cloeter ('01)


If someone asked you about your core convictions, could you answer in one or two sentences? As Christians, we often stutter when questioned, “Who are you?” “What do you believe?” “Why does it matter to you?” We get a unique chance to share our heart and we say too much or nothing at all. In an increasingly non-Christian society, every Christian ought to have a compelling statement about who they are and why it matters. But before we can share this with others, we have to truly know it for ourselves. Sterile statements cut and paste from a Sunday School manual aren’t good enough. Jeff Cloeter walks through his own quest for identity and meaning, revisiting core Christian convictions and making sense of why they matter today. He begins with just two words, loved and sent, demonstrating how they characterize God’s own heart as well as Christian identity and purpose. Discover who you are and why you matter, and then you’ll have something to say to someone else. Available at tenthpowerpublishing.com.

Rev. Charles Lopez Jr. (A.A. '68)


"Hospice Chaplains: Presence and Listening at the End of Life." Seminary Ridge Review. Volume 18, Number 1, Autumn, 2015, 34-47.

To access this article, please visit www.seminaryridgereview.org.

Rev. Dr. Charles Lopez Jr. (A.A. '68)


Rev. Lopez has had three articles posted in Sharing the Practice

"A Chaplain's Reflections on His Own Grief." Sharing the Practice. Volume 35, Number 1, March 2012, 9. 

"After Two Years, then What?" Grief Reflections. Sharing the Practice. Volume 37, Number 1, March 2014, 3-5. 

"Grief Reflections: Three Years and Counting." Sharing the Practice. Volume 38, Issue 3, September 2015, 7-8.

Spiritual Care Reflections from a Hospice Chaplain

Rev. Dr. Charles Lopez Jr. (A.A. '68)


From the good sisters and monks of the 11th century, hospice care grew through the passions of 20th century people like Dame Cecily Saunders and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and into the recognized modality it is today of compassionate and palliative care for those who are on their final journal from this world. Pastor Lopez rightly fills this name as he reaches out, not only to patients and their families, but the team of nurses, doctors, social workers and caregivers who o‑ffer their hands and hearts to those in need. Within these pages you will find practical and compassionate words, along with hands and a heart that knows the pain of loss and feet that are willing to accompany the reader on their journey. 

Spiritual Care Reflections is available from the publisher, Energion Publications, Gonzalez, FL as well as through amazon.com.

Stumble Into a Lighted Room

Bill Buege (Acad. '58, J.C. '60)


In this collection, Bill Buege surveys the nostaglic hopes and exposed illusions of one man's long and varied life.

These funny, caustic, rueful poems cover a lifetime of travel, research, and observation, ranging from the struggling settlers of 19th century Kansas to present day Americans dreaming of the day they can (at last!) become a zombie, able to wreck havoc on the friends and acquaintances they most dislike.

The Gospel of John in Poem and Image

Samuel Rahberg ('00)


"In the beginning was the Word . . ." This collection of fifty-six reader's poems, combined with twenty-six original pieces of art printed in full-color, offers an inviting first read to those new to the Gospel and fresh perspective to those long familiar with its themes. Like artists throughout the centuries, siblings Samuel Rahberg and Natalie Rahberg have employed the disciplines of writing and visual art to share with others the fruits of their own prayer. May each reader be led back to the Christ revealed in the Gospel of John. Samuel Rahberg is a spiritual director and author in Saint Paul, MN. Natalie Rahberg is a working artist in McKinney, TX.

They're Just Not Interested: Rediscovering our Faith and Approaching Nonbelievers with the Faith of a Wrestler

Michael Fessler (M.A. '14)


The center of the Christian faith involves a relationship with Jesus Christ, and such a relationship carries significant consequences. However, while the notion of relationship with God through Christ is still a leading notion, it is often overshadowed by a focus on the rational mind inherited through a massive movement from centuries ago: the Enlightenment. Whether a theologian or lay Christian, we have all, to some degree, been impacted by this focus on 'proper thinking' and doctrine as it pertains to God, to the point that we inadvertently apply salvific qualities to them. What's more is that, according to contemporary research, roughly 15% of the American population considers themselves open to spirituality but lacks any interest in Christianity or any other organized religion. This accounts for more than double the percentage of atheists and agnostics combined. Author Michael Fessler suggests that the 15% of nonbelievers are not looking for something to appeal to their intellect per se; they're looking for something to stir excitement and truth within their hearts. Moreover, Fessler suggests that Enlightenment philosophy brought about a false method of knowledge, truth, and belief. We are more than rational beings. We are also beings of emotion, spirit, conscience and will. All of these aspects are involved in our pursuit of truth. Fessler promotes the "faith of a wrestler" and that the church should share the gospel with others through this particular lens of faith; a faith which is centered on a relationship with Christ, one which acknowledges that in any relationship there are times of struggle, confusion, doubt, and uncertainty - times of wrestling. And of course with such times of wrestling comes the opportunity for deeper trust and intimacy. It's a faith which recognizes too that we live in a fallen world, a world which holds terrible misfortunes and suffering. It's with this that we wrestle as well. According to Fessler, the 15% are just not interested because the church as a whole has failed to appeal to them with the simplicity of God's powerful gospel message, and in a way that embodies the faith of a wrestler. In fact, many Christians today need to rediscover their faith and the authentic gospel for themselves. Within this theological journey is the author's own personal journey which helps to accentuate the core of his message. They're just not interested. But perhaps they will be.

Tune In and Tune Up!
Tune In and Tune Up!

Cindy O'Donovan (M.A. '12) and Dr. Julie A. Tschida


Tune In and Tune Up: Simple and Low-cost Ways to Increase Profitability through People.

In this book,you will discover how to improve your success in creating a workplace that attracts employees and enables everyone to excel. 

Changing expectations of employers and the workforce, technology, and increasing competition have heightened the challenge of finding, keeping, and engaging employees. Of the books available on increasing profitability through people practices, this book is different! It is the culmination of our experience from working on the front like to leading major strategic initiatives. To use an old cliche, "Been there, done that," we know what works and does not work to inspire employees to do their best work. Tune in to the current workplace environment and tune up the dial a few (or many) notches towards greater productivity. Increased employee engagement leads to improved performance and greater profits.

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