During the past fiscal year, more than 2,100 alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends played a transformative part in the life of Concordia University through their generous support. Benefactors like you ensure students can focus on their studies, develop the skills necessary to establish careers and contribute value to their communities.  We are deeply grateful for your support that most certainly enhances the experience of our students.  To see the impact your gifts have made, read our student stories.

A few highlights of giving for fiscal year 2016 include:
• Total giving of $4,288,155
• Giving to The Opportunity Fund reached $1,761,095
• The number of new donors over the year was 721, providing $82,444

We are pleased to provide you the 2016 Benefactor Report which recognizes you and all of our loyal donors for their support.  The Board of Regents, staff, faculty and, most importantly, our students wish to thank each and every donor and partner who contributed during the fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2015 and ending on June 30, 2016, as listed on the following report.  We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this report.  If your name is listed incorrectly or omitted, please accept our apologies and notify us by calling 1-800-476-9277 or emailing advancement@csp.edu.

Donor Level Listing

Concordia University, St. Paul is very grateful for the support of the many alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends that contribute to the experiences of our students. The following lists indicate individual and organizational contributions by cumulative giving for fiscal year 2016. Donors listed in bold have five or more consecutive years of giving to CSP. The + symbol indicates a deceased individual. Should you have any questions, please contact us at 800-476-9277, or advancement@csp.edu.

President's Circle

Donors whose gifts total $1,000 or greater in one fiscal year become members of the President's Circle. Membership is renewable annually. Fiscal year 2016 members' names are listed below.

Richard and Marlene Arndt
Dr. Sally and James Baas
Dr. Marilyn Barr
Rev. Gordon (J.C. '60) and Sally Ann Beck
James ('67) and Gretchen (Gienapp, '67) Beecroft
Kenneth and Alix Behm
Ronald and Lois Behm
Gary (Acad. '64, J.C. '66) and Gloria Behm
Myron and Myra Behm
Theodore (Acad. '58) and Caroline Beise
Meredith Berg
Sue (Prellwitz, '77) and James Berson
Dorothy Bice
Rev. Dr. Walter Biesenthal +
David ('76) and Barbara Bipes
Melvin and Lois Bode
Wilmer Boeder
Kevin ('75) and Pamela Bonine
Diane (Heintz, '76) and Randall Borchardt
Christine Borscheid ('00)
Susan and Derald Borscheid
Rev. Alan (Acad. '60, J.C. '62) and Rosemary Braun
Dr. David and Adena Bredehoft
Curtis Buck +
Edward and Pat Buerkle
Richard and Lorraine Carlander
Desiree (Vohnoutka, '98) and Randy Church
Rev. Richard Claybaker and Dr. Judith Klingsick
Rev. Dr. David Coles
Rev. Robert (Acad. '53, J.C. '55) and Sally (Clingenpeel, J.C. '55)
Rev. Richard (J.C. '67) and Kara (Alspaugh, '85) Dannenbring
Charles ('80) and Nancy Deckert
Michael and Diane Diemer
Lois (Bode, J.C. '56) and Donald Ditzler
Katherine Doepke
Rev. Dr. Michael Dorner
Dr. Betty and John Duda
Fred (Acad. '54, J.C. '56) and Nancy Ebel
Charles and Cynthia Edelen
Bruce and Mary Jane Engelsma
Elmer Epke Estate
Elmer Epke +
Lesley Erickson ('06) and Dr. Michael Engelhardt
Philip (Acad. '51) and LaVerne Fandrei
John (J.C. '61) and Dorothy Felten
James and Sue Found
Rev. Dr. Alvin (Acad. '50, J.C. '52) and Sylvia (Wenger, J.C. '56)
David and Sandra Frauenshuh
Doris Gangelhoff
Donna (Manthei, '70) and Gerald Gerndt
James and Tamarra Giertz
Keith Golke
Victor Greier +
David Greven
David and Darla Guehna
Dr. George Guidera
Rev. Vernon (Acad. '55, J.C. '57) and Betty (Lorenz, J.C. '58)
Raymond Hampel
LaoLu (Lou) and MayKao Hang
Charlotte Hanpeter
Ronald and Shelly Hansen
Mark and Nancy Hanson
Bennie ('77) and Margaret (Vorwerk, '75) Harris
Dr. Bradford and Susan (Bersie, M.A. '06) Hewitt
Matthew Hewitt ('09, M.A. '11, M.B.A. '13)
Mark and Carol Hill
Rev. Dr. Robert (Acad. '54, J.C. '56) and Lynne Holst
Dr. Robert (Acad. '50, J.C. '52) and Lois (Brakenhoff, '66) Holtz
Marvin and Judith Hoops
Ruth Horak
Ardis Horn
Michael ('94) and Amanda (Hoffman, '95) Hunter
Donald Hustad
Joel Jacobson
Loy Jaeger
Rev. Dr. Jerald (J.C. '62) and Pearl Joersz
Dr. Edith and Gary Jones
Jean Joslyn
Rev. Harvey (Acad. '56, J.C. '58) and Norita (Willner, J.C. '58) Kath
A. (J.C. '52) and Barbara Kluge
Dean and Sue Kopperud
George and Gloria Kostuch
Richard and Mary Krafft
Roy and Ramona ('87) Kramer
Rev. Richard Krogen (Acad. '54, J.C. '56)
Paul Kuproski
Pearl Kurth +
Eileen Lackmann (J.C. '61)
Dr. Eric and Lynn LaMott
Reather Lawhorn (M.A. '08)
Lois Lee
Rev. Kirk Lee ('85) and Karen (Henschen, '86) Henschen Lee
Rev. Dr. Wayne (J.C. '64) and Lois (Spomer, '64) Lehrer
Dr. Loren Leslie
Paul and Merlene Lieder
William Lohman
Walter and Darlene Luedtke
Rev. Dr. David Lumpp and Dr. Shirley Miske
Frederic (Acad. '38, J.C. '40) and Doris Lussky
Rob ('73) and Karla Lyngstad
Wendy ('95, M.A.'99) and Dion Madsen
Gregory Madson
Corinne (Brockopp, J.C. '60) and Peter Magnoni
Anna (Whitman, '80) and Jeff Marchand
Renata Mayrhofer
Pamela McCauley
Mark and Linda McKenzie
Eugene McNichols
Dr. Roland Meyer
Dr. Vaughn and JoAnn Meyer
Mark Michael
James Miley ('03)
Joan Miller and Wayne Thomson
Mary Mohlke ('90)
Mark and Pam Moksnes
Daniel ('03) and Sarah (Johnson, '04) Mueller
Alan ('72) and Deborah Mueller
Rev. Paul Mueller (Acad. '40, J.C. '42) +
Rev. Dr. Paul ('77) and Joy (Blasingame, '77, M.A. '98) Mueller
Benjamin Nicks
Suzanne (Stender, '66) Norris
Les Novak
Charles Offenbacher ('07)
Keith and Rebecca Ogorek
Dr. David and Karen Olson
Dan and Tracy Olson
Rev. William (Acad. '64, J.C. '66) and Deanna (Bremer, '68) Otte
Margaret Pankow +
Paul Perseke ('88) and Jackie Dornfeld
Dr. Carroll and Helen Peter
Beth Peter
Dr. Richard and Joyce Peters
Mark Poppitz and Betty Good
Jason ('95, M.A. '08, Ed.S. '15) and Hope (Aman, '94) Rahn
Cecil Ramnaraine
Kahoru (Fuller, M.A. '05) and James Reinert
Rev. Dr. Thomas and Susan Ries
Robert Ries
Dorothy Ritter +
Roger and Jane Roberts
Pamela Rose ('91) and Garry Haas
Jim and Barbara Ross
Steven ('03) and Natalie ('05) Rowan
Lambert and Juanita Runge
M. Martha Ryan
John Sandgren
Timothy (Acad. '64, J.C. '66) and Lana (Becker, '68) Schaefer
Siegfried Schmidtke +
Dr. Carl and Dr. Barbara Schoenbeck
Elmer Schulz
Rev. Dr. Lane and Donna Seitz
Greta Shewan
Bradner and Janet Smith
Gary (Acad. '64) and Brenda Specketer
Ryan ('05) and Katherine (Moulds, '04) Steffen
Rev. John (J.C. '59) and Kathleen Stelling
Mary Stelter
Dr. Jim and Dr. Karen Storm
Rev. Dr. Norbert (Acad. '46, J.C. '48) and Dr. Eunice  
    (Cordes, J.C. '52) Streufert
Jean Templeton ('67)
Rev. Dr. Philip and Ruth (Hoffmann, '74) Tesch
Glenn and Dolores Thiel
Dr. Gary and Maxine Thies
Patrick and Jan Thompson
Robert and Marge Trapp
Dr. Lori (Luckwaldt, '79) and Rev. Dr. William ('81) Utech
Rev. James (Acad. '58, J.C. '60) and Jane Vehling
Valerie (Olson, '06) and Kyle ('06, M.A. '08, M.B.A. '12) Verley
Gen. John Vessey
Dr. George and Jennifer Wagner
Dr. Michael ('81) and Elizabeth Walcheski
Larry Wefring
Dr. Herman and Ruth Wentzel
Cynthia (Cardelli, '76) and Richard Whetsel
Dr. LeRoy ('72) and Jane (Mussell, '75) Wilke
Rev. Dale Young (Acad. '48, J.C. '50) +
Herbert and Deloris Zabel
Dorothea Zaiger
Saint Paul Society
The following individuals have established their legacy by providing deferred support for Concordia through will bequests, charitable gift annuities, trusts, life insurance, retirement plan assets and/or other planned gifts. To learn more, visit our planned giving page.

Eric Altenbernd ('89)
Rev. Norman and Dolores Aman
Linda (Ferber, '70) Anderson
Rev. David ('81) and Debra (Plath, '81) Andrus
Virginia Ansorge
Dr. Leonard and Luella Arndt
Joanne Avenson
Dr. Sally and James Baas
Sharon (Hein, '70) and Jeffrey Bartels
Rev. Dr. Fred and Ruth Bartling
Karen Bartz (J.C. '62)
Ernest and Minnie Barz
Lori (Arndt, '85) and Brian Bates
Kenneth and Alix Behm
Ronald and Lois Behm
Rev. Larry (J.C. '68) and Judy Behnken
Lee ('85) and Fran Belmas
Meredith Berg
Kathleen Blakeman
Frederick (J.C. '53) and N. Laverne Blank
Richard Block ('78)
Derald and Gladys Blois
Wilmer Boeder
Earl and Helen Bohlen
Kevin ('75) and Pamela Bonine
Rev. Alan (Acad. '60, J.C. '62) and Rosemary Braun
Curtis Buck +
Shelah (Stender, '94) and Robert Burandt
Clara Butler
Rev. Robert (Acad. '53, J.C. '55) and Sally (Clingenpeel, J.C. '55)
Vernon Cross
Frances Curdy
Timothy and Barbara Davis
Rev. Dr. Robert and Annette (Stubenberg, '04) DeWerff
Dennis ('71) and Lynn (Jurrens, '71) Dirks
Katherine Doepke
Rev. Dr. Michael Dorner
Dr. Betty and John Duda
Norman and Henrietta Duerr
Rachel (Krause, '82) and Rev. Dennis Durham
Thomas Edelen ('96)
Almeda Eickhoff
Elmer Epke +
Gregory ('78) and Adele Esala
Keith ('76) and Beverly (Wolfgram, '77) Esala
David Ewald
Kathleen (Bremer, '73) and Rich Eyerly
Gerald (Acad. '55) and Joan Fiechtner
Evelyn Forsman
Greg and Nancy Forsythe
Francis and Yvonne L. Fouks
James and Sue Found
Rev. Dr. Alvin (Acad. '50, J.C. '52) and Sylvia (Wenger, J.C. '56)
Harold ('99) and Dr. Laura (Neal, '98) Frerich
Gilmer and Erna Freudenberg
Kathryn (Day, '68) and Ernest Freudenburg
Rev. Dr. Brian ('79) and Dr. Laurie (Wogsland, '80) Friedrich
Delbert and Kay Gangelhoff
Doris Gangelhoff
Augusta Germolus
Barbara Gieseler
Joyce Glessing
Norman Glock (J.C. '60)
Audrey Golnick
Dr. K. Frank (J.C. '66) and Beverly Graves
Rev. Vernon (Acad. '55, J.C. '57) and Betty (Lorenz, J.C. '58)
Theodore and Brenda Haar
Warren and Marilyn Haganes
Joan ('76) and John Hagman
Donald and Laverne Hahn
Raymond Hampel
Dr. Alan and Diane Harre
Robert (J.C. '62) and Marilyn Herz
Anne (Salmon, J.C. '60, '80) and Wayne Hilchen
Linda and Kyle Hollman
Rev. Dr. Robert (Acad. '54, J.C. '56) and Lynne Holst
Paul and Paulette Huber
Paul and Dorothy Ims
Rev. Roland Jank (Acad. '38, J.C. '40)
Keith ('71) and Bonnie Jerke
Ruth Jessop
Rev. James ('85) and Vivian Jobst
Lila Johnson
Dr. Phillip ('82) and Sandra (Schlobohm, '80, '10) Johnson
Rev. Dr. Kenneth Kaden +
Rev. David ('85) and Shelly (Haganes, '87) Karolus
Jon Kietzer
Rev. Michael ('78) and Holly Klatt
Marilyn Kluckman
Theodora Koeppen
Rev. Dr. Robert (J.C. '61) and Pauline (Ansorge, J.C. '61) Kolb
Rev. Jerry (J.C. '66) and Janet (Buth, '68) Kosberg
Jeffrey and Jodi Kosel
Roy and Ramona ('87) Kramer
Edwin and Genelle Krause
Lawrence and Robin Kreger
Dr. Daniel (Acad. '66, J.C. '68) and Carol Kriefall
Rev. James ('82) and Lynn (Karolus, '84) Kroonblawd
Rev. George (J.C. '58) and Annette (Brauer, J.C. '57) Krueger
Elsie Kruse
Gordon and Lenora Kubasch
Pearl Kurth +
Rev. James (J.C. '61) and Karen Laatsch
Eileen Lackmann (J.C. '61)
Ferman and Doris Lanning
Rev. Kirk Lee ('85) and Karen (Henschen, '86) Henschen Lee
Lois Lee
Ranney and Verdell Leek
Elmer Lemke
Deborah Luebke
Rev. Alfred (Acad. '53, J.C. '55) and Laura Luehmann
Rev. Frank and Lois Lukasiewicz
Joanne (Kuehne, '69) and Edwin Lundgren
Frederic (Acad. '38, J.C. '40) and Doris Lussky
Rob ('73) and Karla Lyngstad
Sharon (Nokes, J.C. '61) and Roger Mailand
Rev. Dennis ('83) and Bonnie Mann
Frank and Jolynn Martin
Marvin and Lynette Maser
Harold Mattfeld +
Delmer ('68) and Jacqueline (Brandon, '68) Mau
Margaret (Richter, '75) and Phillip McLain
Richard and Patricia Meyer
Dr. Roland Meyer
Melba Middendorf
Chester and Lorraine Miller
George and Colette Miller
Alan ('72) and Deborah Mueller
Camillus Mueller
Viola Mueller
Jonathan ('92) and Stephanie Niebergall
Helen Nolte
Ray and Sue Norlin
Earnest and Lora Norlin
Bertha Oehlke
Eleanor Oexemann
Jim and Nancy Ondov
Daniel Ondov ('13)
Loren and LaRee Opdahl
Rev. Dr. Rodney (J.C. '63) and Phyllis (Foreman, '65) Otto
Kim Overgaard ('74)
Marilyn Palmer
Edward and Karen Perkins
Beth Peter
Dr. Carroll and Helen Peter
Dr. Richard and Joyce Peters
Karen (Krubsack, '87) and Howard Petersen
Rev. Karl (Acad. '51, J.C. '53) and Margaret Petzke
Kimberly ('90) and John Pilarski
Leland Pohlman
Victor Proeschel
Dr. Neil ('76) and Lois (Studenski, '81) Prokosch
Iva Prudlik
Rev. Thomas ('89) and Karen (Buchholz, '87) Puffe
Patrica Rafftery
Cecil Ramnaraine
Richard Reinhart
Gary and Myrna Reinke
Irene Reinking
Mark ('89) and Brenda Resch
Dorothy Ritter +
Roger and Jane Roberts
Gary and LaVonne Rosenwinkel
Jim and Barbara Ross
Leona Roth
Lambert and Juanita Runge
M. Martha Ryan
Karl Schewe ('83)
Rev. Donald Schmiege
Curtis Schneider
Daniel and Ann Schroeder
James and Susan Schroeder
Rev. Dr. Mark and Dr. Rhoda Schuler
Rev. Mark ('82) and Nancy (Hillmer, '82) Schulz
Mark and Susan Schulz
Leigh Schulze
Russell ('83) and Suzanne Schwichtenberg
Bette (Werder, '66) and Darrell Seabaugh
Dr. Donald and Colleen Sellke
Rusty Seltz (Acad. '67) and Dee Berger
Randall and Susan Slieter
Ronald and Cheryl Smith
Steven and Bernice Spaudie
Gary (Acad. '64) and Brenda Specketer
Denise Sprengeler ('81)
Bernice Springer
Curt ('66, J.C. '59) and Sylvia Stoltenow
Rev. Dr. Norbert (Acad. '46, J.C. '48) and Dr. Eunice
    (Cordes, J.C. '52) Streufert
Elizabeth (Bartling, '86) and Michael Taylor
Mary Beth (Batterman, '79) Terhaar
Bruno and Hannah Tesch
Norma Tesch
Rev. Dr. Philip and Ruth (Hoffmann, '74) Tesch
Dorothea Tesch
Glenn and Dolores Thiel
Carol Toensing (J.C. '61)
Gordon and Geraldeane Tomhave
Robert and Marge Trapp
Walter and Meredith Ulbricht
John Uldrich
Michael ('83) and Ronell (Osladil, '86) Uran
Timothy Utter (Acad. '67)
Edgar Van Vleet
Gen. John Vessey
Gretchen (Trafton, '89) and Timothy ('86) Walther
William ('68) and Linda Wasmund
Larry Wefring
Dorothy (Graves, J.C. '55) Wegner
Alice Wehrspann
Sandra (Hilbert, '82, M.A. '04) and Tim Wendelin
Rev. Jonathan ('84) and Patricia Wessel
Sharon and Roger Wheeler
Janice Wiening
Dr. LeRoy ('72) and Jane (Mussell, '75) Wilke
Don Willprecht
Bonnie and Greg Winn
Rev. Lester ('88) and Denise Wolfgram
Rev. Daniel (Acad. '54, J.C. '56) and Joan (Boeder, J.C. '56) Zielske
Ardine Zimmer
Estate Gifts
Rev. Dr. Walter Biesenthal
Curtis Buck
Elmer Epke
Victor Greier
Theodore Haberer
Pearl Kurth
Rev. Paul Mueller (Acad. '40, J.C. '42)
Margaret Pankow
Dorothy Ritter
Siegfried Schmidtke
Evelyn Wagner
Rev. Dale Young (Acad. '48, J.C. '50)
Alumni by Decade

To recognize the important part alumni play in financially supporting the university, these donors are also listed alphabetically by class decade in this section.

Faculty and Staff
Taylor Auman ('13, M.B.A. '15)
Dr. Sally Baas
Robert Bartel
Rev. Dr. Fred Bartling Sr.
Janice Baumgart ('88)
Dr. Debra Beilke
Steven Bellis
Brian Boettcher
Susan Borscheid
Jonathan Breitbarth ('97)
Dr. James Brooks
Dr. Richard Brynteson
Geruth Buetow
Dr. Matthew Buns
Jennifer Carlson
Rev. Dr. Richard Carter
Dr. Cheryl Chatman
Josanne Christian
Shannon Currier
Joshua Deer ('04, M.A. '08)
Rev. Dr. Michael Dorner
John DuFresne
Marcela Dunnigan
Briana (Norton, M.A. '10) Eicheldinger
Lesley Erickson ('06)
Dr. Robin Gehl
Rev. Thomas Gundermann
Lori Happel-Jarratt
Dr. Donald Helmstetter
Mark Hill
Dr. Paul Hillmer ('90)
Megan Huff ('10)
Dr. Sarah Jahn
Joseph James
Brian Johnson (M.A. '07)
Samuel Johnson
Eric Johnson
Gann Karsten
Rita Kenyon
Carol Klempka ('98, M.A. '02)
Dr. Charlotte Knoche
Rev. Mark Koschmann
Dr. Robert Krueger
Jennifer Krummel
Andrew Kuderer ('11, M.A. '14)
Dr. Eric LaMott
Joseph Lardinois
Derek Lavalier ('11)
Jeanne Lojovich
Dr. Samuel Lotegeluaki
Dr. Miriam Luebke
Megan Luehmann ('13)
Rev. Dr. David Lumpp
Rev. Dean Mahlum ('83)
Clifford Mahto (M.A.'01, '12, M.B.A. '12)
Lonn Maly ('81)
Brian Marek
Tootie Martin ('04, M.B.A. '13)
Annalisa Mattison
Thomas Mauer
Renata Mayrhofer
Michael McElroy
Charles McGriff
Mark McKenzie
Jon Medlo ('00)
Dr. David Mennicke
Dr. Stephen Morgan
Rev. Dr. Paul Mueller ('77)
Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy
Dr. William Niebergall
Jeana Ogren
Rhonda (Behm, '88) Palmersheim
Jeanie Peck
Adrian Perryman ('07)
Beth Peter
Jan Puffer
Jason Rahn ('95, M.A. '08, Ed.S. '15)
Ramon Ramirez-Quintero
Rev. Dr. Thomas Ries
Nathan Rinne
Patrick Rydeen ('13, M.A. '15)
Dr. Thomas Saylor
Sharon Schewe
Shelly Schwalm ('10)
Dennis Senne
Shari Speer
Brady Starkey
Dr. Carol Stellwagen
Melissa (Fink, '95, M.A.'99) Stepan
Jesse Stremcha (M.A. '02)
Valerie (Olson, '06) Verley
Kristin Vogel (M.A. '07)
Dr. Michael Walcheski ('81)
Charles Walerius ('05, M.A. '07)
Gretchen (Trafton, '89) Walther
Craig Waryan
Barbara (Beauchamp, '74, '15) Washington
William White
Richard White ('16)
Dr. LeRoy Wilke ('72)
Dr. David Woodard
Jodi Zastrow
3M Foundation, Saint Paul, MN
651media, Saint Paul, MN
Allina Health System, Minneapolis, MN
Alliss Educational Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Ameriprise Financial Services, Minneapolis, MN
Ascension Lutheran Church, Burnsville, MN
Athwin Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Ayco Charitable Gift Foundation, Albany, NY
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Plymouth, MN
Berea Lutheran Church, Richfield, MN
Bethel Lutheran Church, Round Lake, MN
Bethel Lutheran Church, Gurnee, IL
Bethel Lutheran Church, Morton, IL
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Herman, MN
Birchwood Dental, LLC, Saint Paul, MN
Boeing, Princeton, NJ
Branfman Family Foundation Inc, Cherry Hill, NJ
Center for Organizational Development, Minneapolis, MN
City West Fans & Lighting, Hopkins, MN
Community Foundation of Central Illinois Depository, Peoria, IL
Concordia Lutheran Church, South St Paul, MN
Cross View Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
David and Karen Olson Family Foundation
DH Excavating, Young America, MN
Eaton Corporation, Cleveland, OH
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Hamburg, MN
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Milbank, SD
Engelsma Family Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Eternal Hope Lutheran Church, Brooklyn Park, MN
Facets of Health S.C., Thiensville, WI
Faith Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
Faith Lutheran Church, Pierre, SD
Family Chiropractic Optimal Health Nutrition Center, Warren, MN
Family of Christ Lutheran Church, Ham Lake, MN
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Cincinnati, OH
First Lutheran Women In Mission, Waldorf, MN
Five Star Quality Care, Inc, Newton, MA
Fountain of Life LWML, Tucson, AZ
General Mills Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Germanic Genealogy Society, Saint Paul, MN
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Cedar Park, TX
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Circle Pines, MN
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Collinsville, IL
Grace Lutheran Church, Augusta, WI
Grace Lutheran Ladies Aid, Correll, MN
Green Mill, St Paul, MN
Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
Hamline University, St. Paul, MN
Hoglund Transportation, Monticello, MN
Hosanna Lutheran Church, Mankato, MN
Illinois Tool Works Foundation, Glenview, IL
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Brownton, MN
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Parkers Prairie, MN
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Saint Charles, MO
InFaith Community Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Jehovah Lutheran Church, Saint Paul, MN
King of Glory Lutheran Church, Blaine, MN
King of Kings Lutheran Church LWML, Roseville, MN
King of Kings Senior Sages, Roseville, MN
Klinger Ladies Aid, Readlyn, IA
Kurt Sandt Estate, Watertown, SD
LCMS Foundation, St. Louis, MO
Lord Of Life Lutheran Church, Chesterfield, MO
Lunch McKenzie's Baseball USA, Inc., Minnetonka, MN
Lutheran Women's Missionary League, New York Mills, MN
LWML of St Paul Lutheran Church, Fairmont, MN
Macalester College, St Paul, MN
Marvin and Luella Behm Family Fund, Saint Cloud, MN
Mauer Chevrolet, Inver Grove Heights, MN
McNichols Company, Tampa, FL
Medtronic Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program,
    Princeton, NJ
Medtronic Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Messiah Lutheran Church, Lakeville, MN
Messiah Lutheran Church, Mounds View, MN
Midway Pro Bowl, St. Paul, MN
Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Community Foundation and The St. Paul Foundation,
    Saint Paul, MN
Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN
Minnesota Private College Fund, St. Paul, MN
Minnesota South District LCMS, Burnsville, MN
Moore Family Trust, Tempe, AZ
Mount Hope Lutheran Church, Bloomington, MN
Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
National Alliance of Children's Trust and Prevention Funds,
    Seattle, WA
New Creation Lutheran Church, Shakopee, MN
North Wisconsin District LCMS, Wausau, WI
Our Savior Lutheran Church, Ceylon, MN
Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Saint Paul, MN
Patrick and Janet Thompson Family Foundation, Appleton, WI
Penguin Random House LLC, New York, NY
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program, Princeton, NJ
Pleasant Valley, Inc., Iowa City, IA
RDL Trim Inc., Waconia, MN
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Robbinsdale, MN
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Rochester, MN
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Wayzata, MN
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Willmar, MN
ROI Print Management, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Ryan Companies US, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Saint James Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
Saint John Lutheran Church, Alta, IA
Saint John Lutheran Church, Arlington, MN
Saint John Lutheran Church, Austin, MN
Saint John Lutheran Church, Glenwood City, WI
Saint John Lutheran Church, Minnesota Lake, MN
Saint John Lutheran Church, New Germany, MN
Saint John Lutheran Church, Portage, WI
Saint John Lutheran Church, Red Lake Falls, MN
Saint John Lutheran Church, Stewartville, MN
Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Max, ND
Saint Michael Lutheran Church, Bloomington, MN
Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lester Prairie, MN
Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Fairmont, MN
Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Green Isle, MN
Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Fall Creek, WI
Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Osseo, MN
Saint Peter Lutheran Church, Afton, MN
Saint Peters Lutheran Church, Edina, MN
Samaritans Hill Lutheran Church, Rogers, MN
Schommer Insurance, Hastings, MN
Sea Foam Sales Co., Eden Prairie, MN
Securian Foundation, St Paul, MN
Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, Sioux Falls, SD
Slinger Electric, Inc, Faribault, MN
South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church, White Bear Lake, MN
Spirit of Christ Lutheran Church, Ham Lake, MN
St Johns Lutheran Church, Corcoran, MN
St Paul Lutheran Church, Stillwater, MN
St. Johns Ladies Aid, Elmore, MN
St. John's Ladies Aid, West Bend, WI
St. John's Lutheran Church Ladies Aid, Park Rapids, MN
St. Johns Lutheran Ladies Aid, Atwater, MN
St. John's Lutheran Ladies Aid, Villard, MN
St. John's LWML, Sherburn, MN
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Concordia, MO
St. Stephanus Women's Ministry, St. Paul, MN
Stockman Transfer, Inc., Glencoe, MN
Susie Ries Interiors, Inc., Burnsville, MN
The Blandin Foundation, Grand Rapids, MN
The Bohannon Group, LLC, Saint Paul, MN
The Eagle Foundation, Eden Prairie, MN
The Minneapolis Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
The Toro Foundation, Bloomington, MN
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, Appleton, WI
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Minneapolis, MN
TJs Home Building Repair, Green Bay, WI
Tri-County Abstract and Title Guaranty, Inc., Saint Cloud, MN
Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church, Eagan, MN
Trinity Lutheran Church, Carver, MN
Trinity Lutheran Church, Farmington, MN
Trinity Lutheran Church, Northfield, MN
Trinity Lutheran Church, Waseca, MN
Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid, Morristown, MN
Trinity LWML Ladies, Isle, MN
Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation, St. Paul, MN
Volm Companies, Inc., Antigo, WI
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program, Princeton, NJ
Wells Fargo Foundation, Princeton, NJ
Wilbert Lutheran Ladies Aid, Ceylon, MN
Willmar Area Community Foundation, Saint Cloud, MN
Women of Peace LWML, Finlayson, MN
Woodbury Lutheran Church, Woodbury, MN
Xcel Energy Foundation, Minneapolis, MN
Zion Lutheran Church, Alexandria, MN
Zion Lutheran Church, Green Isle, MN
Zion Lutheran Church, Hopkins, MN
Zion Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
Zion Lutheran Church, Mondovi, WI
Zion LWML, Warren, MN
In Honor Of
This year, gifts were made to honor the following individuals:

Bill Spoolstra, by:
     Arthur and Jeanne Hahm
Bob and Sally Cordes's 57th wedding anniversary, by:
     Chaplain Robert and Sally Cordes
Bob Barnes, by:
     John and Dorothy Felten
Caitlyn Russell, by:
     Allen Horn
Class of 1965, by:
     Karl and Anne Vohs
CSP Alumni Director Rhonda Palmersheim, by:
     Rev. Michael and Amy Scholz
CSP President and my old roommate, Tom Ries, by:
     Rev. Michael and Amy Scholz
Derald and Susan Borscheid's 40th wedding anniversary, by:
     Christine Borscheid
Derek and Mina Lavalier's marriage, by:
     Rev. Michael and Amy Scholz
Dr. Carter's 25 years of full-time employment at CSP, by:
     Rev. Dr. Richard and Miriam Carter
Dr. Robert Holst, by:
     Rev. Dr. Lane and Donna Seitz
Fred and Ruth Bartling, by:
     Dr. Paul and Janet Hillmer
Jesus, and in gratitude for the opportunity to serve on CSP's Board of Regents, by:
     Gregg and DeAnn Hein
Kevin Woebke, by:
     Rev. Dr. Thomas and Susan Ries
Maria Alejandra Zivkovich, by:
     Jean Zivkovich
Mark Hill, by:
     Rev. Dr. Robert and Lynne Holst
Sally Baas, by:
     Katherine Britton
Sharon Schewe, by:
     Daniel and Jodi Kuball
Susan Borscheid's retirement from Concordia University, by:
     Christine Borscheid
Wesley J. Kuhn, class of 1942, by:
     Michael and Kathleen Kuhn
Willard Bartels, by:
     Sharon and Jeffrey Bartels
In Memory Of
This year, gifts were made to memorialize the following individuals:
Ann Brauer, by:
     Michael Anderson
     Ann Andrews
     Bruce Baumeister
     Lesa Boeck
     Christine Brauer-Nunez and Berneta Morris
     Paul and Carol Darden
     Richard and Susan Francis
     Garry and Nancy Goerdel
     Nancy Hassinger
     Wayne Klomp
     Dean and Marilyn Pierce
     Joseph and Joan Schardl, Jr.
     Mary Lee Schreiber
     Marcia Stille
     Joyce Tredemeyer
     Donald and Molly Vomhof
     Paula Walker
     Pamela and John Wenger
Arnold Wenger, by:
     Rev. Dr. Alvin and Sylvia Franzmeier
Arthur Deckert, by:
     Charles and Nancy Deckert
Avis Vessey, by:
     William Doe
     Rev. Howie and Linda Krienke
     Sandra Mills
Carl Knoche, by:
     Rev. Richard Claybaker and Dr. Judith Klingsick
     Rev. Dr. Robert and Annette DeWerff
     Marjory Knoche
Carol Zuehlke, by:
     William and Jean Porter
Carolyn E. Nelson, by:
     Rod Nelson
David Horak, by:
     Ruth Horak
David Niebergall, by:
     Joan and John Hagman
     Suzanne Norris
Devin McCauley, by:
     Richard Backman
     Connie Bateman
     Jennifer Brodrick
     Jeanne and Ronald Bruss
     Cathy Ellis
     Steve and Judith Fischer
     Mary Gelbmann
     Lisa Hanson
     Deborah Heir
     Joseph Huddle
     Michelle Kemper
     Susan Kissell
     Anne Klejment
     Rev. Dr. David Lumpp and Dr. Shirley Miske
     Pamela McCauley
     Earline McCauley
     Marie Meyer
     Ann Monikowski
     Alma Netto
     Jeana and Paul Ogren
     Carol Olson
     Molly O'Rourke
     Rev. Brent and Susan Parrish
     Karen Pinnix
     Jan Puffer
     Karen Ritter
     Mavis Rubsam
     Lynn Schallenkamp
     Sharon Schewe
     Nora Scribner
     Tina Simonson
     Patrick Singel
     Robbye Sitz
     Shari Speer
     Lisa Swan
     Cynthia Tibbetts
     Dr. George and Jennifer Wagner
     Washington County Community Services
     Archie Weatherspoon
     William and Kim White
     Christine Igielski
Doris Schultz, by:
     Arvin and Sharon Gieseke
     Frederick Schultz
Donna Sather, by:
     Arvin and Sharon Gieseke
Dwayne Sather, by:
     Arvin and Sharon Gieseke
     Ed Koehler
     Chaplain Robert and Sally Cordes
Elaine Michael Ruff, by:
     Mark Michael
     Robert and Lois Troemel
Ella Warnke, by:
     Rev. David and Karen Dahl
Elsie Lekander, by:
     Elma Aho
Herman Hoffman, by:
     Helen Hoffman
Hugo Kronmyr, by:
     William and Jean Porter
Janice Pribyl, by:
     Delbert and Kay Gangelhoff
Janis Kraft Heintz, by:
     Shirley and Allwyn Bakken
Jeanne Mattfield, by:
     William and Jean Porter
Joan Sohn, by:
     Andrew Anonymous
     Joan and William Baker
     Sharon and Jeffrey Bartels
     James and Gretchen Beecroft
     Dennis and Kathleen Breidert
     Carol Brekken
     Judith Brinkman
     Leland and Lois Bruss
     Ronald and Linda Ferwerda
     Joan and John Hagman
     Ryan Hamilton
     Robert and Kim Hamilton
     Rev. Dr. Robert and Lynne Holst
     John and Lynn Koester
     Roy and Ramona Kramer
     Rev. William Kucenski
     Mark Maronde
     Janice and Timothy Moe
     Dr. William and Carol Niebergall
     Suzanne Norris
     Verle and Lois Paul
     Dr. Carroll and Helen Peter
     Lloyd and Ocie Peterson
     Keith and Judith Rennefeldt
     Michael and Ellyn Rhein
     Mary Robak-Saari
     Dr. Carl and Dr. Barbara Schoenbeck
     Edwin Sohn
     Martha Sohn
     James Sohn
     Dr. Imogene Treichel
     David and Marianne Vinz
     Lydia Volz
Karen Richardson, by:
     William and Jean Porter
Ken Kaden, by:
     Denise Affeldt
     Fernando and Cindy Alvarado
     Harold Anderson
     Elizabeth and Lee Anderson
     Daniel and Nan Wagner
     Sharon and Jeffrey Bartels
     Rev. Dr. Fred and Ruth Bartling, Sr.
     Emily Becker
     James and Gretchen Beecroft
     Arnold and Ellen Bethke
     David Bischoff
     Rev. Alan and Rosemary Braun
     Mike Brott
     Leland and Lois Bruss
     Dr. Victoria Buoen
     Barbara Busch
     William and Mary Drebes
     Leon and Martha Drebes
     Richard and Kristin Dreyer
     Larry Duerkop
     Rev. Dr. Alvin and Sylvia Franzmeier
     Larry and Eileen Fringer
     Scott and Marilyn Garbarino
     Keith Geving
     Ervin and Joan Gross
     Thomas and Pamela Gross
     Joan and John Hagman
     Sheryl and Greg Hanefeld
     Norman Hanson
     Larry and Miriam Heinert
     Rev. Allen and Barbara Holthus
     Dr. Robert and Lois Holtz
     Dan and Lisa Hull
     Herbert and Janice Japs
     Tim Johnson
     Harold and Barbara Kaden
     Mary Kinderman
     Janet Koosman
     Thomas and Cherice Kuseske
     Doug and Julie Kveene
     Mark Larsen
     Megan Lehrkamp
     Joanne and Edwin Lundgren
     Kathleen and Dave Lystig
     Bob Mehling
     Cheryl Moe
     Dorothy Nelson
     Robert and Larayne Newton
     Dr. William and Carol Niebergall
     Kim Nimmo
     Suzanne Norris
     Dr. Glenn and Marilyn Offermann
     Chris Oliver
     Robert and Lois Overn
     Dorothy Pabst
     Dr. Carroll and Helen Peter
     David and Ann Peter
     Beth Peter
     Kay Rindal
     Arnold Riske
     Richard and Ruth Robertz
     Marletta Rohwer
     Anita Schaeffer
     Dean Schauer
     Sharon Schewe
     Arlene and Robert Schindeldecker
     Jerry Schroeder
     Rev. Deane and Julie Schuessler
     Victor and Gladys Shepperd
     Janel Skindelien
     Stephen Sohn
     Martha Sohn
     Kevin and Anita Spellacy
     Rev. Dr. Stephen and Jeanette Stohlmann
     Rev. Dr. Norbert and Dr. Eunice Streufert
     Karl and Elaine Stubenberg
     David Stueber
     Gerald and Linda Thelin
     Lori and Roger Wachter
     Gretchen and Timothy Walther
     Ella Warnke +
     Betty Wing
     Pamela and Matthew Wittmier
Kyoko Fuller, by:
     Kahoru and James Reinert
Leo Hohenstein, by:
     Lynn Bjorklund
Lester A. Gottschalk, by:
     Gwen and Charles Kienholz
Lillian Werling, by:
     Dr. Robert and Lois Holtz
Lois Hermanson, by:
     William and Dee Kavouras
Lois Siering, by:
     Helen Nolte
Lorna (Neumann, J.C. '55) Krogen, by:
     Rev. Richard Krogen
Lowell Lubben, by:
     Chaplain Robert and Sally Cordes
Lydia Dierks, by:
     Rev. Dr. Alvin and Sylvia Franzmeier
Lynn Harpster, by:
     Arvin and Sharon Gieseke
Marian Edelen, by:
     Thomas Edelen
Maurice Vaudrin, by:
     William and Jean Porter
Melissa Thiel, by:
     Alton and Ardyce Schroeder
Mildred Just, by:
     Carolyn Nelson
Millie Peterson, by:
     Elma Aho
Nicholas Nelson, by:
     Arvin and Sharon Gieseke
Professor Emeritus Gary Meyer, by:
     Desiree and Randy Church
Quida Pribyl, by:
     Delbert and Kay Gangelhoff
Rachel Amling, by:
     Ruth Fry
Rev. Dr. W.A. Poehler, by:
     John Koeppen
Robert Barnes, by:
     Ann Barnes
Roy Butterfield, by:
     William and Jean Porter
Ruth Hattendorf, by:
     Rev. Allen and Barbara Holthus
     Ella Warnke +
Sandy Hanks, by:
     William and Jean Porter
Ted Schnorr, by:
     Paul and Barbara Otte
Urban Just, by:
     Carolyn Nelson
Virginia Buegel, by:
     Andrew Anonymous
     Rev. John Buegel
     Roy and Ramona Kramer
     Dr. William and Carol Niebergall
     Suzanne Norris
     Dr. Carol Stellwagen
     David Stueber
     Pamela and John Wenger
Walt Sohn, by:
     John and Lynn Koester
Wilfred A. Pieper, by:
     Rev. Bill and Nancy Pieper
Hall of Fame
Gift in Kind
The following individuals and organizations provided non-cash gifts to the university:
Janice and Dennis Baumgart
Dr. Debra Beilke
Rev. Dr. Philip and Julie Bickel
Dr. Richard Brynteson
Geruth Buetow
Amber Bunnell
Jennifer and Richard Carlson
Chaplain Robert and Sally Cordes
Maria Cruz
Rev. Dr. Robert and Annette DeWerff
Rev. Greg and Wylene Heidorn
Dr. Paul and Janet Hillmer
Rev. Dr. Robert and Lynne Holst
Ray and Carol Klempka
Mark Koschman
Thomas and Cherice Kuseske
Patrick McCune
Charles and Gayle McGriff
Dan O'Donnel
Rev. Dr. George and Joan Riemer
Rev. Dr. Thomas and Susan Ries
Nathan Rinne
Dr. Thomas Saylor and Kimberly Johnson
Victor Tegmeier
Craig Waryan
Dr. David Woodard
Matching Gift Organizations
3M Foundation
Ameriprise Financial Services
Eaton Corporation
General Mills Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Medtronic Foundation
Penguin Random House LLC
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Securian Foundation
The Blandin Foundation
The Minneapolis Foundation
The Toro Foundation
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Xcel Energy Foundation