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Enhancements to Educational Technology Initiative

Effective fall 2014, Concordia will be enhancing its Educational Technology Initiative (ETI) to align with common business practices, respond to student feedback, and fund improvements to its network infrastructure. The enhancements will provide Concordia additional resources for increased network growth, bandwidth enhancements, electronic library resources and provide essential software to students on the devices of their choice, all while minimizing the impact on tuition escalation.

Students will no longer be required to use a standard laptop model from the Help Desk, but instead will have the opportunity to obtain a computer of their preference that is more relevant to their career field and technological needs. Laptops will remain a required tool for learning for all traditional undergraduate students enrolled at Concordia. Financial aid budgets have been modified to allow students the opportunity to use additional funding on purchasing a device that best fits their needs if they do not already own one.

“I’m excited to announce that Concordia’s Educational Technology Initiative is taking yet another strategic student-centered move forward,” said Concordia Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Eric LaMott. “Over the summer we will be investing over $1 million to completely overhaul our wireless network infrastructure, strategically expanding the traditional student laptop program to a relevant flexible model that allows students career-centric resources earlier in their learning experience.”

Continuing to focus on the ETI investment in student learning, Concordia will undergo a complete network upgrade this summer; significantly increasing campus connectivity and wireless speeds. In addition, the number of wireless access points throughout campus will be increased; providing a more stable and stronger network signal throughout campus.

Summer 2014 technology upgrades include:

  •     Transition wireless network from 802.11n to 802.11ac (speed, stability, and network reach increased three-times over existing network)
  •     Replace existing network cable and fiber-optic lines (speed and stability increased 40 times over existing network)
  •     Additional online resources added to library for 24/7 access to all students
  •     Microsoft Office 365 installation available for all students (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  •     Enhanced wireless network available on campus to all students, faculty, and staff on all devices
  •     Printing available to all students, faculty, and staff on all devices while on campus.
Additionally, Concordia is one of the first universities in Minnesota to partner with Microsoft to provide all full-time students, faculty, and staff the ability to download and install up to five copies of Microsoft Office to their devices. The university will also continue to provide students the latest versions of standardized learning and communication tools to ensure a consistent learning experience.

Standardized Software Includes:
  •     Blackboard
  •     Cisco WebEx
  •     Microsoft Office
  •     Google Apps: Email and Documents for life.
Concordia views technology as a tool to provide greater access to learning. Continuing to focus tuition dollars on supporting a robust, stable and accessible wireless network across campus will ensure that all students, regardless of which device they choose, will be able to obtain access to educational resources.

Current traditional undergraduate students who rely on the existing laptop provided by the Concordia Help Desk will be able to purchase the existing laptop model for $400.