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Alumnus Scott Hanson nominated for Bloggie Award

Scott (’08), and his wife Connie, have their hands full as they attempt to juggle full-time jobs; a home renovation; a couple of yippy, ankle-biting dogs; and their 1-, 3-, and 4-year-old children. Having all of these things going on can make for some interesting stories, many of which have been detailed in Scott’s award-nominated blog, "Chaotic Kids & Clutter."

On his blog, Scott writes about anything and everything that can take place when there’s so much chaos in a home. From his and his kids' favorite action figures, to the secret art of having sleepovers at other peoples’ houses; from his youngest child’s almost total lack of teeth to the fact that she loves to gnaw on chicken bones; and from the family of albino squirrels that live in his neighborhood to the content of the kids’ diapers, Scott writes about it all, and everything in between. Almost nothing is taboo, but in a very family-friendly manner.

Chaotic Kids & Clutter is a finalist in the category of Best Kept Secret Blog in this year’s Bloggie Awards, the internationally-acclaimed awards presentation that is in its 14th year. To check out all the nominated blogs, and to vote for Chaotic Kids & Clutter, visit by March 23rd. Scott thanks you for your consideration!