Looking Forward

While higher education and society look drastically different than they did when Concordia was founded in 1893, our focus remains on preparing students to lead meaningful lives in service to God and humanity.

Building on our strong history, university leaders developed a strategic plan to guide our work through 2018. Student success is at its core.

We will focus our efforts on growing enrollment, increasing persistence to graduation, increasing transition to employment or graduate school and growing our net assets.

These priorities inspire us to achieve our vision which is to be acknowledged as the leading Lutheran university offering exceptional opportunities for students from all backgrounds who seek relevant career preparation and a challenging academic experience coupled with the insights of Lutheran theology.

Our Four Priorities:

Grow enrollment

a. Grow from record enrollment of 2,941 to 5,000.
b. Expand academic offerings at all post-secondary degree levels.
c. Reduce tuition for traditional undergraduate students by $10,000 for 2013-2014.

Increase persistence to graduation

a. Continue addressing affordability.
b. Improve academic support programs.
c. Expand academic offerings at all post-secondary degree levels.

Increase transition to job or graduate school

a. Ensure career planning services fit students’ needs.
b. Ensure all students engage in meaningful career experiences during degree program.
c. Improve data collection and analysis of students’ post-graduation transition to careers or graduate programs.

Grow net assets

a. Reduce long-term debt.
b. Continue to budget and manage toward a surplus.
c. Increase support from alumni and friends. Focus on estate planning, growing the endowment and gifts to The Opportunity Fund.