Reunions provide fabulous opportunities to reconnect with your former classmates. Whether it is a happy hour with your former cohort members, a weekend gathering on campus with fellow academy grads, or a day long clinic with former choir members, the Office of Alumni Relations is here to assist you with planning.

Over the last several years, it has become clear that reunions have the most success when planned directly by their alumni.  You know what your interests are and what activities best suit your group.  

If you would like to begin planning a reunion for your class year, cohort or affinity group (affinity groups include any activity you may have been involved with as a student at CSP) please check out the planning pages we have prepared for you.

What is a reunion?

Reunions can take place at any time and any location.  We have groups of women who meet yearly for lunch and football players who come together yearly to celebrate their team’s victories and to support current players and coaches. Each year we have academy alumni who gather on campus to celebrate their 50th year since graduation and groups of math alumni who gather to play in the annual dodge ball tournament.

While Concordia may formally organize reunions from time to time, we no longer host class year reunions each year, but will assist any group of alumni that would like to plan a reunion of alumni. Please see our planning pages to assist you with your planning.

Regardless of where you meet or what affinity group you represent, we’d love to hear your stories, share photos of your events on our website, Facebook page and Concordia St. Paul Magazine.  Please send your information to

When submitting summaries or photos of your gathering, please include the names of the participants and the class year, cohort number or group you are representing.

When should we plan a reunion?

If you are planning an on-campus reunion we suggest:

Homecoming weekend (Sept. 29-30, 2017)
More than 2000 alumni, students and friends participate in this event.  It showcases the best Concordia has to offer.  It also provides built in activities for your group.
Summer (May 15 – Aug. 15)
Summer provides easier access to campus housing, preferred locations and parking on campus for your events.

If your plans are for off-site venues, anytime of year that works for your group is great.